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Combining life science with IT
to contribute to the digital transformation of the industry

Introducing "Mind Spins" , a product developed and provided by our company

to accelerate research in the life science and related industry.

Mind Spins is an industry-specific SaaS that facilitates the digital transformation and universalization of the industry.


  Development story

Life researchers

I used to work for a trading company specializing in life science industry. I didn't have a lot of research knowledge in science, but I was hired by making use of business English. I met this industry for the first time at that company, realized firsthand the importance of handling products and products required in the precious field of "research", and became absorbed in the splendor of this industry. In my department, I searched for new laboratory equipment at overseas exhibitions, visited the factory of the manufacturer, negotiated all the negotiations up to the contract, and translated the instruction manual. At that time, I always think that the important end user "researcher" rarely comes to the exhibition, and I often hear "I want to hear more of the researcher's voice". It was a problem for the laboratory equipment manufacturer.

What Mind Spins can do

It is natural for equipment manufacturers to want to meet researchers who are end-users, but there are also circumstances in which the laboratory side must use up the annual budget meaningfully, so it is efficient to find various laboratory equipment and new products. We started our business with the desire to help the life science and related industry around the world with services that provide that information easily and quickly.

Conecting manufacturers and researcher

Face challenges

Global and Universal

Currently, there are agents and trading companies standing in between laboratory equipment manufacturers and researchers, so there are few opportunities to directly exchange opinions with each other. And basically, equipment is imported and presented by agents and trading companies, or huge corporations which can establish subsidiary enterprises around world, so you can only get information and purchase opportunities of those major foreign-owned equipment so far. But I know, that there are so many great smaller enterprises around the world, I would like to present with confidence. There are some more challenges such as communication tools. For example, “what's app” is popular in most of overseas countries and LINE is popular in Japan and Asian countries in addition to exchanging emails, but in the industry-specific chat service does not exist now. There are some laboratories and companies that are prohibited from using those apps due to safety issues. Our mission is to provide industry-specific software services that solve all these issues, and to make "research" more convenient and universal, and to contribute to accelerating the results.

How to use Mind Spins

We would like to send an invitation email for our software specifically to researchers and laboratory equipment manufacturers. Please let us know your e-mail address of the official domain, other than free e-mail to ensure safety. Mind Spins is an industry-specific exclusive service built on our newly developed web server, so you can use it with confidence.

Please contact us through this link.

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